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Jock Sturges For Sale

10/10/2022 03:28 1379

‍ ‍ Jock Sturges is best known for his intimate black and white, large-scale photographs of the Northern California landscape. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, he began photographing large estates that were being sold by their owners in response to the recession. These photos are now known as his “For Sale” series, which […]

The Power of Intentionality: Jock Sturges’ New Book

07/10/2022 03:10 1244

Jock Sturges is an artist whose work has long inspired us. His photographs, which he refers to as “visual memos,” are created with an acute sense of awareness and intentionality. They seek to capture the everyday beauty and subtle magic all around us that we so often overlook. In his new book, “The Power of […]

The Fascinating Story of Fanny Jock Sturges

07/10/2022 02:41 1609

Fanny Jock Sturges was a bold and outspoken woman who gained fame in the nineteenth century for her stand against societal norms. Though Fanny was born into wealth and privilege, she broke from the norm by refusing to marry, choosing to live as a single woman. Instead of conforming to what society expected, Fanny became […]

10 More Artists Who Are Changing the Art World For The Better

06/10/2022 09:47 2064

‍ The art world is complex, but also incredibly exciting. It’s constantly evolving, with new artists and movements emerging all the time. The art world can be exclusive and pretentious, which means it often feels like there are not a lot of people actually improving it. That’s why we’re glad that so many artists with […]

A documentary about Jock Sturges

22/09/2022 17:00 1699

This is a tale about photography and beauty, art and life. Jock Sturges(American, 1947 – ) Through photographic portraiture, Jock Sturges portrays the radiance of the children of close friends and family. The photographs, taken with a large-format camera and often in the final hours of late summer days, depict the luminescence of the human […]