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A documentary about Jock Sturges

22/09/2022 17:00 78

This is a tale about photography and beauty, art and life. SYNOPSIS LINE OF BEAUTY AND GRACE is a tale about photography and art, family and life, dealing with the history of man and woman, life and art. Many art historians consider Jock Sturges, born in 1947, to be one of the most important fine […]

Jock Sturges: Line of beauty and grace [reup 2022]

22/09/2022 15:52 631

These interview scenes are unused scenes from the documentary about Jock Sturges (not included in the DVD) Interview with Jock Sturges (Quicktime-Video) Deutsche Version Official Filmwebsite (Trailer, Gallery, DVD, 99 minutes) Jock Sturges and beautyIn the summer of 2007, we travelled to the French Atlantic Coast to meet an artist whose images stand out from the […]

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